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Deep Purple [du:p ‘p3:rpl]

  • Trademark name of innovative dentals diamonds from Komet USA.
  • Komet ® diamonds developed for rapid effecive substance removal during crown preparation procedures.
  • Performing at high speed.
  • Characterized by optimal strength, effort and reliability.
  • Impressive savings in cost and time due to efficient substance removal.
  • Achieving outstanding productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.
  • Syn: fast, efficient, high-performance.

Efficient, Controlled Preparation.

Delivering high-performance, controlled efficiency to facilitate crown-preparation procedures, Komet USA's innovative Deep Purple diamonds are specially designed for fast, effective substance removal. Deep Purple diamonds feature high-quality and uniformly sized, extra-coarse diamond grains embedded at the optimal depth for effective, rapid, reliable performance.

Komet USA’s diamond instruments are renowned for their  consistent grain size and optimally embedded diamond grains.

In comparison with standard diamond instru-ments, new Deep Purple™ diamonds offer measurably greater substance removal.

Increase in substance removal with Deep Purple™ diamonds vs. standard coarse-grit 6856 [ 100 % ]

Recommendations for Use:

  • Primary preparation: if used in the turbine, the optimum speed is 300,000 rpm. The use in the red contra-angle is recommended at an optimal speed of (160,000 rpm. 856XC.FG.021: max. speed 300,000 rpm.
  • The matching finisher should be applied at an optimal speed 20,000 rpm.
  • Use sufficient cooling spray (50 ml/min).
  • Due to the instruments’ high cutting proficiency, apply low contact pressure, not to exceed 2N.


  • Use the Deep Purple™ 856XC.FG.018 diamond for primary preparation.
  • Finish the preparation with the identically shaped 8856.FG.018 finisher.